The brief

Elia, a popular Camden Greek street food business, had the goal to expand its brand presence and establish a credible, recognisable, and unique identity. With the growing trend of Greek food in the market, Elia set out to differentiate themselves from the generic associations with Greek culture by taking a fresh approach to their branding, attracting young and discerning foodies across London.

What we did

Our approach

Elia came to us with a logo that didn’t communicate the essence of their product and lacked a story and personality. The brand had evolved into a more modern and current street food offering that needed to project a youthful and vibrant personality while highlighting the brand’s Greek roots and connection to London.

At 米乐体育m6官网 we were able to accomplish this by creating fun illustrations that personified the popular Greek wrap and box meal offering. These quirky illustrations, along with a bold and vibrant colour palette, are animated on the website. Together,  with the ‘Born in Greece. Raised in London.’ brand messaging, Elia Greek Street Food has been brought to life.

Once the branding was approved, this enabled us to offer a more innovative approach to packaging and simplify the menus to make the ordering process easier for customers.

To refresh the website, we introduced more of the brand’s colour palette and animated illustrations, which add personality and distinguish the website style from its competitors. The website is fully optimised, SEO strategised, and is user-friendly with clear call-to-actions placed throughout.

The results

Elia Greek Street Food now has a distinctive brand identity with a personality that customers can connect with. The introduction of the illustrated characters, together with strong brand messaging and a colourful palette, gives all outlets a competitive edge in the crowded Camden market food scene.

This branding has been consistently rolled out across all of their signage, menus, packaging, and online through a brand new user-friendly website.

“The 米乐体育m6官网 team has helped us elevate the Elia brand to stand out in the competitive Camden food market. Their knowledge of current food marketing trends means we now have a brand that works across print through all our signage and menus as well as online with a fabulous new website.” 

Vasilis – Elia Greek Street Food

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